About Penta

Everything started in a small office in 1990 for Penta. Today, Penta is one of the leading technology provider companies in Turkey, delivering the most advanced global and local technology products rapidly, reliably and flawlessly.

Ever since its foundation, Penta has been working to make its business partners more efficient, profitable and competitive thanks to its know-how in technology, operational efficiency, diverse financial solutions, strong supply chain management and robust IT infrastructure.

Penta Teknoloji distributes over 40 global brands in Turkey and stands out with its investments in its aim to be a value-added distributor, providing end-to-end solutions for its more than 4,300 active resellers all around Turkey. 

In 2011, Penta joined Yıldız Holding by establishing a strategic partnership with Mersa Sistem, one of the leaders in the IT distribution sector. And at the end of 2012, Penta and Mersa Sistem legally merged under the name of Penta Teknoloji and became the second largest company in the ICT sector. In line with its aim of being the leader in the sector and its strategy of investing in value-added distribution, Penta Teknoloji acquired Medyasoft, Ekip Elektronik, Beyaz İletişim, Sayısal Grafik and Exper Bilgisayar, greatly enriching its product variety. 

Penta, expanding its goals for the upcoming period, advances rapidly to be the company with the richest product range on the market. In parallel with this, Penta aims to increase its market share in value-added services and enterprise solutions, while retaining its market share on products that reach individual users directly.

Today, Penta Teknoloji is the 3rd largest IT and the 8th largest ICT company in Turkey.


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