Chairman's Message

Dear Business Partners,

As Penta Teknoloji, we are proud to leave a quarter century with full of success behind. By adding the synergy of Yıldız Holding to these 28 years of sectoral experience in 2010, we walk stronger towards higher goals with the power and inspiration that we gained from this merger.

We work for being a Value Added Solution Partner for our more than 4.300 dealers, with our end-to-end solution offers and the services that we provide. We improve the values that our partners offer with our services that facilitate their lives so we create a strong sales channel culture. We are preferred by our stakeholders because of our power in logistics, our concept of services, our technical support, and the customer-oriented solutions we provide.

We improve sales efficiency and competitive power by optimizing product management. And by doing so, we increase the market share of the brands we distribute.

We work to make our dear business partners provide better service to the end users. By supporting the sales channel constantly, we ensure that the consumers get better service in return, too.

We are the leader of digitalization in our sector. We improve efficiency by ensuring full integration with our business partners through our Bayinet, Mobile Bayinet, Penta Cloud, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, and Work Flow apps. We minimize the work loads of our business partners by enabling communication between digital systems so we improve the purchase processes of our consumers.

We are ready for the short, medium, and long-term market condition requirements. We accept that risk management has to be hold seriously in business life. We do not hesitate to take the necessary risks on behalf of our business partners for productivity and profitability. Even in times when global economic uncertainties make short-term plans impossible, by showing strong reflexes, we overcome the most complex-looking, impassable conditions thanks to our innovative applications, our experienced structure in the sector, our financial strength and our distribution systems.

We have big goals for the periods ahead. We are moving rapidly towards becoming the supplier company with the richest product range in the market. The aim is to increase the market share of the value added services and corporate products that we positioned as the growth drivers of the company.

We work day and night to be the best in our job and to always be your “Reliable Business Partner”.

Best regards,

Mürsel Özçelik


Dudullu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
4. Cad. No:1 34775
Ümraniye/ İSTANBUL

T 0 (850) 277 0 277

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