Human Resources

Our HR Policy

As Penta Teknoloji Human Resources, we aim at positioning a qualified labor force in the light of our Company's vision and strategies for the correct work; paying attention to the development, career plans, and happiness of the employees; conducting development-oriented activities; making applicable systems for supporting sustainable high performance and productivity. Penta Teknoloji Human Resources adopts a work system that focuses on and gives priority to the "Human", and implements its processes with this perspective.

Recruitment and Placement

Penta Teknoloji implements a recruitment process in order to include in its organization individuals who are innovative, proactive, and high-performers, believe in team work, feel happy for being a member of the team running towards the same targets, adopt self-development as a lifestyle, and are sensitive for the community and environment in which they are involved.

How can I apply to Penta Teknoloji?

Penta Teknoloji’s active job ads are available on career portals. For a general employment application, please e-mail your CV to

Which steps does the Penta Teknoloji recruitment process include?

The recruitment process begins with the requirement for the staff. The proper employment applications for the position are evaluated. Following the evaluation of the applications, preliminary meetings are organized with approved candidates and position-specific inventories (Personality Inventory, Test of English, Assessment etc.) are implemented for the candidates. Following the initial interviews, department meetings are organized with the candidates who are approved. Project and presentation stages are added in our interview processes for certain positions. The candidate who is approved in these processes is offered the job and the process is concluded.

Performance and Career Management

The work results of our employees are assessed with a target and qualification-based performance system. The performance system is an annual-basis assessment tool which creates an output with the employee's self-appraisal first and then the manager's appraisal. This data provides input for the employee's career planning and management.

Which tools are used in the Performance and Career Management System of Penta Teknoloji?

The business results of the Sales and Marketing teams at Penta Teknoloji are converted into a performance bonus with the Sales Marketing Performance System, the business results of other employees are appraised with the Annual Performance System. The results of the appraisal are converted into a performance bonus. Throughout the year, our departments carry out Human Resources Planning while our employees carry out short and long term career plans with Career Development Forms. The departments' human resources planning outputs and the career plans of our employees are jointly appraised and they are supported with various development tools.

Learning and Development

At Penta Teknoloji, our employee is included in the training and development process together with the orientation program offered in the first week of the employment. The development of the employee is supported with the trainings such as hands-on training, rotation, electronic training, and specialized training.

Which Learning and Development tools are used at Penta Technology?

Our employee, who has just begun work, is included in the adaptation and orientation process on the first day through a guide assigned to them and also supported with the department and hand-on orientations. Our employees benefit from various instruments such as rotation, specialist training, e-learning, foreign language learning, first aid and safety at work training according to their needs during their employment at Penta Teknoloji.

Remuneration and Rewarding

A HAY grading and remuneration system is implemented at Penta Teknoloji. In this system, the work is assessed with the work assessment method. Creating an equal, competitive, and market-compatible remuneration policy is targeted. While remuneration is identified, annual market remuneration research is also considered.

Our Values

  • People Oriented 

  • Trustworthy 

  • Successful

  • Focused on Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Reputable 

  • Adhering to Ethical Principles



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