Penta Printing Solutions

Penta Printing Solutions Management is a long term printing management model in which the consumables and printer usage of the customers are measured automatically and invoiced monthly to our resellers on a cost per page basis. In parallel with this, replacements for the used consumables are sent free of charge to-end users directly by Penta Teknoloji and the necessary technical services are provided throughout the contract. 

Penta Printing Solutions Management Features 

  • Consumables needs are analyzed via online systems and the necessary replacements are delivered to end-users by Penta Teknoloji.
  • Technical service needs are met throughout the contract period, including on-site services depending on the service level agreement (SLA) content.
  • Consumption amount is invoiced monthly to our resellers on a cost per page basis in accordance with the consumables usage report. 

Penta Printing Solutions Management Benefits 

  • Technical service and consumables requirements are monitored in real time. In addition, devices undergoing repair can be substituted with replacements for the duration of their technical service period, depending on the service level agreement (SLA), ensuring that the business processes of the customers continue without downtime.
  • Thanks to digitized, uninterrupted process management, the workload of the IT and purchasing departments on the end-user side, as well as the customer management and business follow-up workload on the reseller side are reduced.
  • Measurement and reporting processes are streamlined with the monthly invoicing system.
  • The use of original consumables ensures that printers operate at maximum efficiency for the longest duration.


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