Penta Teknoloji Ranks in the Top 10 of ICT 500 - 2016 Research

The results of the 18th annual “ICT 500 – TOP 500 ICT COMPANIES Research”, the most comprehensive research in the ICT sector, have been announced. We are pleased to announce that we have ranked the third place in the Information Technologies category among the 500 leading ICT companies in Turkey with our revenue in 2016.

Additionally, by acquiring the first place in 6 main categories, we have also shown that we have always aimed for the future as we got closer to achieving the goals we have set - ever since the foundation of our company. This progression, which isn’t only revenue-based, encompasses the entirety of the goals we have set to achieve a more ideal company structure, better market perception of our company, more efficient business processes, happier customers and employees.

In line with our value-added distribution principle, we develop solutions that create a difference by keeping up with the latest technologies and customer trends. We forge ahead along with our business partners with our end-to-end solutions, our technology center infrastructure and technical specialists in every step of the way.

The dynamic nature of our sector incorporate new additions to our goals every day. On the way to these goals, we will proceed together with our valuable business partners.

We have ranked first in the following categories:

  • Server
  • Peripherals
  • Desktop Computer and OEM Products
  • Data Storage and Recovery
  • Tablet and Mobile Devices
  • Accessories


Structured with a mission of “providing agenda and adding value to the ICT sector”; our corporate group continues creating, developing and actualizing leading projects in areas related to value adding services for many years.

One of our corporate group companies BTHaber A.Ş. gives service to the Turkish ICT Sector for 20 years as the “Turkey’s Voice of ICT” and works with an objective of developing and presenting informative tools for business world to use technology more effectively and consciously.

Starting from this point of view, it presents this deliberate research with Turkey’s top 500 ICT companies according to their turnover, lists categorizing them according to the field of activities and visions on the market to the public each year with great pride.



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