Penta Subscription Management

Penta Subscription Management (PAY), is the Bayinet (dealernetwork) service whereby Penta may conveniently display and manage the subscriptions of its business partners and clients. It provides plenty of advantages in terms of developing the available customer relations and creating new sales potentials.

Properties of Penta Subscription Management:

  • The following transactions may be executed for the available subscriptions by a single click:
      • Addition of new products and removal of products
      • Identification of new user
      • Changing the number of the user
  • The data of the customers whose subscription expiry dates are approaching followed by opportunity tracking report may be accessed.
  • By means of automatic renewal feature, without carrying out any manual order operations and by doing zero operations, sales can be made to the available clients. (Control the products which have automatic renewal property.)
  • Penta Subsription Management is in communication with Bayinet, ERP and supplier systems* at all stages of Subscription Management. The following processes shall be made automatic by this method:
  • Processing the subscription orders in minutes
  • Automatic renewal of the subscription contracts in due time

Benefits of Penta Subscription Management:

  • In line with the subscription reports, the sale opportunities may be easily tracked and realistic turnover targets may be determined.
  • The order operation will be concluded within minutes. By this, there will be more time for new business development.
  • During the subscription circle of the available customers, the available customers will be kept in contact with and the customers will be enabled to be informed regarding the subscription renewal period. Thus the customer experience will be improved.
  • The information relating to the customers’ subscriptions shall be managed from a single point and the customer relations will be reinforced.

* Depends on supplier integration support and workflows.


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