Penta Technology Center


As one of the leading companies in the IT sector, Penta Teknoloji offers its business partners another value added service with a fully-equipped technology center where it brings business partners together and serve as a demonstration point for the real-world simulations of end-to-end solutions.

PTC (Penta Technology Center) is set to make demos, PoCs, presentations of hardware, software products and end-to-end business solutions.

The center has three separate demo rooms to be able to host independent sessions. All the systems in these rooms such as the ventilation, lighting, LED screens, roller blinds, video wall screens and even the contents of digital information screen are managed through Control4, the leading brand of automation systems.

The center has an infrastructure enabling to show both the presentations and the demos on different screens also through mobile devices upon request with its state-of-the-art-technology display equipment. With the automation system, the logos and the presentations of the business partners may be displayed simultaneously even in the same room.

All conceptual visualizations and demos can be performed with a connection controlled remotely through customer access or VPN connection from site to site.

PTC is equipped with a video conference system which allows resellers and/or their customers to attend the demos, presentations in their own locations using their Video Conferencing equipment or Web Browsers (WebRTC) or with their Lync/Skype for Business infrastructures.

PTC has a special data center and a fast internet connection maximizing the benefits of demos and product introductions and a smart power distribution infrastructure that can be controlled remotely in cases of power failure, power excess etc. further to the latest server and storage systems that will run the organizational applications to present the organizational advantages.


Dudullu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
4. Cad. No:1 34775
Ümraniye/ İSTANBUL

T 0 (850) 277 0 277

F 0 (216) 415 23 69



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