Bayinet V3

Bayinet, B2B e-commerce platform of Penta Teknoloji, was redesigned with a user-friendly interface. The design process directly involved our business partners in all stages of the screen design where globally-recognized user experience methodologies were used. Bayinet V3 was created with a simple yet modern design to be compatible with all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The target of Bayinet V3 was a greater performance and a better scalability with a completely new infrastructure. A flexible structure was ensured in the development of the software architecture for easy integration of the new modules that may be added to Bayinet in the periods ahead. The new integration software made it possible that crucial data (e.g., stock information) could always be kept up-to-date in real time. Easy and fast product access was ensured thanks to the new search function that has been improved using the latest technology.


  • New 'software licensing' module to shorten the order process by 70%
  • A simple and more effective 'product search' function
  • Improved 'product filtering' options
  • Faster and more effective 'product listing' function
  • Enriched 'technical information' with HTML and video content provided on a single 'product details' page
  • Easier 'access to the Outlet Market' by improved search and list functions
  • Easily managed 'shopping cart' usage

Innovative Applications

  • Penta Subscription Management
  • Penta My Warehouse
  • My Projects
  • Computer Configuration Wizard
  • Server Configuration Wizard
  • Payment Application
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Penta Outlet
  • Special Products


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